Who am I ?

I am half-Italian half-Swedish, and was born in 1984 in the US of America.

My youth was spent equally across the three countries and included a great deal of travelling. During this time I became good at skiing, sailing, wrestling, and scouting in particular. Hiking, viewing the stars, and wilderness survival were the kind of thing I truly enjoyed. Perhaps that was a precursor to my current appreciation for science and philosophy. My foray into the arts was by way of piano and violin, but a passion for singing quickly overtook other instruments.

In 2004 I began in the Computer Science program at Chalmers Technical University in Sweden. My wife, Danwei, was there at the first welcoming-party and I knew from the moment I met her that she was the one for me. I spent a lot of my time on BSD UNIX and even presented some kernel thread scheduling work at DCBSDCon’09. I was also a founding member of the metal-band Vildhjarta.

2010 marked the end of my stint in academia and I accepted a position at Microsoft in Stockholm. During my time there I developed a deep business clout by working with customers ranging from the central-bank to Ericsson. I ended amicably with Vildhjarta and formed a jazz-fusion band called Means End which proceeded to create a truly progressive album called The Didact. In the winter of 2012, my son and beacon of inspiration, Dante, was born.

2015 – I am now responsible for technical innovation at TELE2. This involves me in everything from developing the next-gen NFV infrastructure, to fiber-network technology and drones. I am now a solo-artist and working on a magnum-opus called IN NIHIVLM.